Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lincoln at 7 to 8 to 9 months.

Okay I know I just wrote about Lincoln, but I LOVE this age.  From 7-8 months he grew so much and learned so many tricks!  He started by being able to sit up by himself, and he claps all the time.  I love the clapping especially because I didn't teach him to do it.  I watched him one day as he was staring at his hands and he just started clapping.  He hasn't stopped since.  He loves it.  From there he started giving me high 5s.  He also grew in his 2 bottom teeth.  Because he's stiting up now, he's started taking baths in the sink, and even one in the big tub with Lucy.  It's hilarious because I sit him on a towel and he wants to suck on the towel, so he bends down and sticks his face in the water to reach the rag to suck on it.  haha Then he jumps up choking.  Now I provide him with an extra rag.

Also, out of all my babies, I nursed this guy the longest.  I lasted 8 months.  I just gain too much weight, and he just stays too skinny and wakes up too much at night to continue nursing.  So instead of weaning him cold turkey like I did my other babies, I just lowered the amount each day.  I would've done it before but he wouldn't take a bottle!  He finally started to take one once he started eating regular food.  I think he just got used to different tastes.  Anyway, I got down to 3 times a day, then 2, then 1.  And I nursed him for the last time on Mother's day.  It's funny because later that week, I said to Kyle, "I think Lincoln really turned a corner!  He's sleeping way better at night and he's just so much happier!"  Kyle responded "Yeah.  Because he's on the bottle now."  Forehead smack.  DUH!   My kids are always so much happier on the bottle.

Now he's almost 9 months and he's just getting so luscious and chunky and he still just lets me kiss him all day.  I kind of love this stage.  He's also shimmying around on his tummy and keeps rocking on his knees.  He's going to crawl any day now, I can just tell.

Also, he's totally obsessed with me.  I'm obsessed with him too.  But man, if I am not just sitting right by him on the floor, or if I walk out of a room, he lets me know he doesn't appreciate it.

In this picture he is hanging with his friend Rial, who is 3 months YOUNGER than Lincoln.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day weekend

Kyle went to visit Barry Sorensen in Spring Creek, Nevada over Memorial Day weekend, so it was just me and the kids. A few years ago, this would've been very daunting for me, but my kids must be getting older and easier because it wasn't overwhelming and we actually had a wonderful weekend! 

Friday night I fed the kids and then the Allen girls came over- Anna, Clara, Audrey, Pip, and Joseph. We had some caramel popcorn and some frosties from Wendy's and watched "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day." It was fun. Then we put all the kids to bed and Anna, Clara and I stayed up watching "Clue" and then Anna and I chatted until 3 am. It was so fun! I love her.

On Saturday, after letting everyone (especially myself) sleep in, the kids and I went from room to room and vacuumed, dusted, and deep cleaned every room of our house (except my room and the office)!! Then we packed up a little picnic and went to Stewart Park, where we ate and played for awhile. That night, we went to McDonald's for dinner, heated up the leftover caramel for more popcorn, and watched Space Jam! The kids also played outside. It was great, and everyone was happy and cheerful.

On Sunday we had a relaxing day. We did church, I took a nap, and the kids mostly played outside. We also made cookies, and I let Josi sleep with the twins. Then on Monday, we did a quick straightening of the house, and then we spent most of the day at the Watters house, eating lunch, playing outside and with their chicks, and swimming in their pool (the kids anyway). Karma and I even watched "Casablanca." We went home at around 4:30 and I let the kids run through the sprinklers. Then we got invited to the Smiths for dinner and homemade ice cream. We stayed there until bed time. Then I put the kids down and Kyle was home about an hour later.

 It was a really fun weekend. I tried to show the kids that as long as they do their chores, I can be a fun mom! haha But it definitely made me feel good that my older kids are getting older and more helpful and life without a million toddlers isn't too overwhelming.

Random pictures from May

Josi has really enjoyed her first season of soccer.

Josi & dad.

My first successful french braids.  (I know, I know.  It's about time.)

A love note from Josi.
Forcing Josi and Lucy to share a bed.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Party! Nutsie Party!

Well, Lucy is 3 years and 4 months old.  You know what that means!!  She's had her pacifier for way too long.  Poor darling.  I give her a pacifier from the day she's born and then just snake it away from her- cold turkey.  It's so sad.

The day had come.  For Family Home Evening we got some balloons, let her have her last suck, and then floated those nutsies into the sky.  She thought it was all pretty fun and exciting- not as nostalgic as Josi was when she let hers go.  After she let them fly, we came inside and opened a present- a glow worm that plays music, and then we headed to Sherm's Thunderbird for some ice cream.

Later that night I left for a girl's night out, and I got a text from Kyle around 9 saying "It finally hit her.  She is super sad."  And that's kind of how it's been.  The first few nights she cried for her nutsie. (The last picture is the day after her nutsie party. She fell asleep in the middle of the day since she had stayed up late the night before. Needless to say, that night was rough.) Or she'd wake up at like 6:00 am and would start crying that she couldn't find her nutsie.  It's hard for her to fall back asleep without it.  Poor baby.

Close call for JoJo the sock monkey

Josi's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Baker, has a sock monkey named JoJo that she's had for years and always sends home with her students.  They then record their experiences with JoJo in a journal.  This weekend was Josi's turn to bring JoJo home.  She was so excited, and it was fun to look back in the journal and see Kate and Owen's entries from when they had Mrs. Baker last year.

JoJo went to a birthday party at the Allen's house (you can see him wearing a pink mustache), Josi's soccer game, and her pizza party in the park (a monkey on the monkey bars!).  On Saturday night, I stayed up until 3 am working on my talk for sacrament meeting the next day (concluding speaker no less!).  Consequently, I was sleeping in on Sunday  morning when I heard some commotion.  Turns out, Owen had tossed JoJo into a cereal bowl, Josi was mad, Kyle sprayed him clean and made Owen use a hair dryer to dry him off.  Owen, never having used a hair dryer before, started screaming a few minutes later when he realized he'd burned a hole in dear JoJo.

We were all pretty devastated.  Josi kept crying and saying "Meanie Owen!"  And I kept thinking "Oh man, we killed JoJo."  But I reassured them everything would be okay.  After church and emailing the teacher, we decided that the next move was to patch him up as well as we could.  So now JoJo has a large red heart across his chest.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Get away

For Mother's Day/ Lincoln is No Longer Nursing Day, Kyle planned a little 33 hour get-away for the two of us.  We drove up 2.5 hours north to a hotel and spa called The Allison.  We went up on a Sunday evening, had dinner, slept through the night(!!!!!) and had a spa day on Monday.  I got a haircut, and then Kyle bought a package that included a wrap, massage, lunch, and a pedicure for each of us.  We ate dinner at the hotel both nights.  It was really delicious.  Monday night we drove back down to Roseburg.  On the way home, we stopped in Salem and went to the movie theater for a one-time showing of "The Abolitionist."  Jean Rietmann watched my babies and had Emily Reber watch them Monday night while she worked.  This is the only picture I took but it was such a fun little weekend together.  It seemed a little over-the-top, but I guess if you are ever going to treat yourself to a spa day, 8 months of getting woken up 3 times a night seems like a good enough reason.  

Friday, May 13, 2016

Fund Run

Lucy, Lincoln and I had a great time at the Hucrest Fund Run, cheering on our family. It was fun seeing Josi run this year- she ran really hard for most of the time. I'm the embarrassing mom who screams for her kids as they run by. Although my kids thankfully aren't embarrassed by me quite yet.