Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Day 6

Tuesday, May 5th-

 Today we decided to take the train out to visit Hampton Court, where Henry XIII lived. Joey had to stay behind and work, so it was just the five of us. We went to Waterloo station and got some sandwiches from Upper Crust that my mom had been craving, and took the train to Hampton Court. We picked up our headsets for our audio tour, and they let us wear a velvet cape too! haha I made the girls do it, just for the experience.

 It was the 500 year jubilee so they had a bunch of scheduled reenactments, which was our favorite part! Kyle liked the duets sung but my favorite reenactment was of a midwife fighting for the right to let her help the queen deliver her baby. haha Maybe because I'm pregnant but I'm pretty sure my mom and sister teared up too. We ate a pot pie, scones, and potato on site, with our capes on. Afterwards we went out to the gardens and did the garden maze. Dad waited outside on a bench and it was harder than we thought it was going to be! We were glad when we got out!

 We rode the train back into London and met up with Joey at the flat. We all took a little nap until 6:00 when we left to go watch the play "Billy Elliot." We wandered around afterwards looking for food and ended up at a pizza joint, getting home around 12:30 am.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Day 5

Monday, May 4th-

This morning we woke up and went down to the London Eye, the big ferris wheel on the river Thames.  When you come out of the tube the first thing you see is Big Ben and Parliment.  It was really breathtaking.  There was a really quick liine to the London Eye and we were up and around within 45 minutes.  It was really fun.  Then we walked over to Westminseter Abbey (which was kind of magical itself, walking across the bridge, listening to a man play the bagpipes and hearing the bells of Big Ben toll).  We took an audio tour through all the tombs of Westminster Abbey.  Afterwards we sat in the abbey and talked religion for a good while and it was one of my favorite parts.

Next we walked down the street to Winston Churchill's Museum.  By then it was 2 pm, and I hadn't eaten all day because I thought we were going to grab a pastry somewhere, so I wasn't feeling well at all.  We took the audio tour there as well and turns out I kind of love Winston Churchill.  We also kind of lost mom for a bit and I also burst into tears for absolutely no reason except for the fact that my pregnant body was responding to the lack of food and total exhaustion.  haha Pregnancy is weird.
So we hightailed it out of there and went to Picadilly just because we knew we could find food there, and we just grabbed some pre-made deli sandwiches.  Then we went to the tickets booth to look at show prices and grabbed some tickets for that night and the next night.  We walked to Covent Gardens and looked at antiques, watched some street magicians, tried some gelato and cookies, and mom and I bought matching earrings. Then Mom and Dad went back to Joey's hotel to rest for a few hours before the show.

We had about 2 hours, so we took a taxi to Trafalga Square and went into the National Gallary.  We only had about 40 minutes before it closed so our strategy was to go quickly and put our eyes on as many paintings as possible.  It was pretty cool getting to see so many famous names and works.  I wish we had had more time there.

We had about 45 minutes left until we had to meet Mom and Dad at the theater, so we stopped at a Chinese herbal shop for foot massages!  It turned out sketchier than we pictured- we thought we'd all be sitting in Lazy Boy's soaking our feet in hot water, but instead they put us each in our own rooms (Cali and I shared a room) and laid us down on beds and massaged our feet that way.  We were nervous at first at what was happening but it all worked out okay.  haha  And surprisingly, it REALLY helped my feet.  I had kind of been dying all week and after this massage my feet felt better the rest of the week.

We had bought tickets for a play that none of us had heard of, so it was kind of a gamble- The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night.  It was actually pretty spectacular about a kid with Aspergers.  We all really loved it. We stopped at Jaime Oliver's The Diner for a late dinner, where I had the yummiest passion fruit milkshake.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Day 4

Sunday, May 3rd-

Up at 7:00 to leave to church at 8.  We had crumpets and passion fruit juice for breakfast.  Funny side story.  The crumpets tasted heavily of garlic, but garlic wasn't a listed ingredient.  A few days later my mom was eating toast with jam and again- so garlicky!  That's when we realized they had bought a stick of garlic butter.  Maybe I would've liked the crumpets better without garlic and jam.

It took us the full hour to travel to and find the church building.  I love that you can find a family of five in church clothes walking in the rain and follow them to a Mormon church.  We attended Hyde Park ward.  After fast and testimony meeting we walked past Hyde park to the Royal Albert Hall and signed up for 11 am tour (free with London Pass again).  It was Sunday so we tried to mostly walk around at free exhibits and enjoy the city.  We had a 1/2 hour to wait and I hadn't really eaten breakfast so Kyle got a Diet Coke, hot chocolate, and 2 pastries.  I love that he always makes sure we are tasting yummy food.  We took the tour with an agonizingly slow talking tour guide.  It was a BEAUTIFUL venue, but I was pretty happy to get out of there once the tour was over.  We then walked to Kensington Palace where Prince William and Kate live, where we walked around and saw all the old fashions and paintings.  It was the day after she had her baby so there were a lot of news stations camped out front.

For lunch we went to a yummy Italian place across from Cali and Joey's hotel called Wildwood.  Then we went to Cali and Joey's hotel to get their luggage so that they could join us at the flat in North Greenwich.  We all took the tube back to our place to rest our feet and read up on the Merchant of Venice for one hour.  I had been in my Sunday boots all day and my feet were dying!

The highlight of the day was going to Shakespeare's Globe Theater where we watched The Merchant of Venice.  (Again, it was Sunday, but it was the only day my dad was able to get tickets.  We figured listening to Shakespeare was similar language to listening to the Bible...Same kind of language?)  The venue, the actors, the whole production was really pretty spectacular.  Afterwards we walked across Millennium Bridge to a gourmet burger kitchen for a late dinner close to 10.