Friday, August 22, 2014

Moses Lake

My kids get antsy in the summer time.  They beg me to go swimming every single day, so I decided to drive up to Moses Lake and let them swim at Grandma Earl's house every day.
We left on a Sunday, right after church.  It was a beautiful drive and we pulled into Washington right as the sun was setting.  There are few things I love more than driving into Washington at sunset, surrounded by open fields with good music blasting.  It made me so happy.  Not to mention Lucy was my best traveler that day.  She literally looked out the window or at the movie the entire drive, with only a few grunts when she needed a drink.  I'd never seen anything like it.

I had a lot of fun hanging out with mom and dad and Mike and Allie, especially that first night when we stayed up so late.  Every single day (except for one rainy day) we went to Grandma Earl's house to swim.  We'd show up just after lunch, I'd put Lucy down for a nap, and the kids would swim for hours.  One day she made us scones, another day we taught the kids how to play dominoes and we all played together.  Angie and Qianna were there to swim with us one day too.

One evening Melissa Redford and Cassidy Baker were able to meet up with me at my house!  They could only stay for about a half hour, but it was worth it and I was happy to see them.  I was also able to spend one evening down at the Hardy's.  They were having an Empty Nester's BBQ and visiting grandchildren were invited.  It was great to catch up with them.  Lucy found a pot of corn on the cob and grabbed one and ate the whole thing.  It was awesome to watch her walking around with it, dropping it, and still sucking it dry.  She's so cute.  I also got to spend an evening with my brother Justin.  He was in Spokane one day for work and drove down to eat dinner at Incas with us.  One day we hit up Franks and then went to play at Garden Heights.  It was fun watching the kids swing on a bar and then see Lucy walk right up to the bar and start swinging too.

My favorite parts were the times when I just got to sit and talk with Grandma Earl and when I got to spend time with my parents, either at Grandma's or at night once the kids were down.  I always end up watching some new shows with them- this time it was Midsomer Mysteries.  Mike and Allie were a little elusive this trip, as Mike was at work a lot and Allie usually stayed home from Grandma's to let Nora take a long nap!  I still can't believe we never made it to the fair.  I was planning on it all week, but it just didn't happen.  Not that I'm really a "fair" person, but when I'm in Moses Lake I like to do "Moses Lakey" things, and going to the fair is definitely "Moses Lakey," if you know what I mean.

We left Saturday afternoon after a stop at the Farmer's Market and a quick dip at Grandma's.  I downloaded the audio version of a book I was reading for the drive home and it made the drive home FLY.
One day I decided to go outside to read my book, and as I was halfway across my yard I realized my mom was already outside, reading her book in the exact spot I was going.

I love catching the twins having "twin" moments.  They are best friends.

It was also so much fun to watch them build forts down by the rocks.  We used to do that when we were little, and it just made me so happy to see them doing the same thing.  I love Moses Lake's big sky.

In between trips

We bought a half of a cow this year!  It was our first time.  It came in 6 boxes, and filled up all of our freezer space.  So far, she's been delicious and I'm feeling really grateful about it.

Kate and Owen went to a "Renaissance Camp" this year, in one of our friends back yard.  They painted, did a lot of crafts, learned Spanish, played games and did improv.  It was pretty funny.  A few teachers from the High School helped teach it and the kids loved it.  

We also went to the ward campout.  The Elder's Quorum was in charge which means Kyle planned it.  I  represented the Relief Society and brought supplies for smores.  About 6 or 7 families showed up and we all had a great time.  The next day at church, I found a small tick on Kate's head... So that was exciting.

Lucy's first day of nursery.  After church.

Josi found a worm outside and kissed it.  Unprovoked.

My neighbor, Sis. Clawson, had her grandchildren visiting her for a few weeks so we spent a few hours each day playing or swimming with them.  This day we went to the Discovery Gardens at Riverfork Park.

Before and after summer haircut.

Each year our ward gets to go down to Medford and pick pears at a church owned pear orchard.  We usually send our husbands and just stay home with the kids, but my friend Karma convinced me to leave Kyle home with the kids this year.  We left at 4 am.  It was HARD WORK for a good 6 hours but really a lot of fun.

Lucy lately

Lucy turned 18 months in the last week of July, and I've been wanting to write about her ever since.  I feel like in this past month, she has really turned from a little baby to a little person.  It's so crazy!  I feel like out of all my kids, her first year + has gone by the fastest.

Lucy makes the funniest, best facial expressions.  She has started to hit and scream within the past few weeks.  She says "no" when she means yes.  I usually have to repeat saying "Yes?" and then she nods her head and says "yes."  She growls a lot.  She says mom, dad, ka (Kate), look, more, doggy, tank you, peas (please), eek (drink), noots (nutsie), show, okay (when she falls- she's trying to say "I'm okay"), bubbles, "I wanna bite," shoes, go.  In fact, every morning she walks over to the laundry room door (that leads to the garage) and says "GO!"  She likes to be riding in the car, going places.  haha I guess that's what happens when you are the 4th child.  Anytime she tries to count she says "twooo."  She still likes shows and bottles, but they aren't the cure-all that they used to be even a month ago.  She still takes an awesome nap every day and goes to bed easily and sleeps in until anytime between 7:20 and 9:20.  We just moved her out of our closet into our office to sleep.  She has never liked to get her diaper changed.  She has just started trying to feed herself all the time, which means my floors and her shirts are always dirty.  She is OBSESSED with Daddy and always smiles and runs to him when he comes home.   Her mullet is just about long enough to put in a small pony tail i, but she won't let me touch her hair.  She LOVES to draw all over herself with markers.  Rarely the wall or someplace naughty, just her own body.

She goes into nursery without crying at all.  The first week she started fussing halfway through class so they brought her to me, but I just took her back in to let her work it out, and we haven't had any problems since.

Little Lu loves to follow me around.  She is also pretty good at playing with the older kids.  They carry her around and try to include her most of the time.  Her main nicknames are Ludy, Ludy Boo, Lucy Lu, and Lulu.  Sometimes Lola.

These pictures were taken back in April, so Lucy was only 15 months.  My friend Sara Cowie came over last minute and just took these few so I could have a picture that matched my other kids.  It was a horrible time of day for lighting but I thought they turned out great!  Especially for how rushed it was and for the time of day.  I

"For the Good Times" Earl Reunion 2014

For our Earl Reunion this year, Tom Earl's family was in charge and booked us a long weekend at a cabin at Bear Lake.  We had never been to Bear Lake before, and we were very excited to get together with all my family.  Like I said before, Kyle rented this awesome RV so it made the extra 3 hours to get there more of a fun adventure.  The kids took turns sitting in the front seat, and it wasn't as scary as I thought it might be.  We stopped at Maddox Family Drive-In for lunch and then made our way to Bear Lake.  Most of Tom Earl's family was already there, along with my family, so we set up camp first (our own tent city), and people continued to trickle in all night.  There was a lot of just hanging out and catching up.  I feel like I hardly saw my kids all weekend, as they were off playing with their choice of cousins and second cousins. Kyle went out and got us raspberry milkshakes every night, and I was in high heaven just visiting with all my people.   We played Minute to Win It games, ate delicious food (each family was in charge of one meal), had a campfire with Smores and Encore, played all day in the hot sun on the beach, watched a power point presentation on what it means to be an Earl, and through it all we slept well in the RV.  It made me really so grateful to Corbin and Myca for organizing the entire trip.  It's not something we would've done on our own, and so I am so grateful that the opportunity was provided for us and we all had so much fun.   

On both Friday and Saturday, we drove across the street to a private-access beach and spent the whole day there.  It was really ideal.  The water was really shallow so the kids were able to play in it all day without us having to hover over them.  The beach was sandy too so the kids loved it.  All the adults set up shades and just spent the whole day chatting and playing beach volleyball.  That was maybe one of my favorite parts!

Jason BUILT this boat.  It was so awesome to watch him launch it and we were all so happy for Jason that it worked.  He took all the kids out on it too.

My friend Paige Adams came to visit and this picture is Kyle and Joey test driving her Razor.  
  I love my Earl Family.