Thursday, September 18, 2014

It must be Fall

Our good friends the Speers have an apple orchard, so one night they invited a few families over to make some apple cider. We started out in the orchard, where Mike shook the trees and we threw all the apples into the back of his truck. Then we drove the apples up to his driveway where he had a homemade apple press. It was really impressive. We threw the apples into it, it had a motor and mulched up the apples. Then they would crank the press down and juice would come out. We filled tons of jugs and ended up taking two home. It was really delicious straight out of the juicer, and it was a fun night for all.

Also, BYU season! We had a group of super fans over for the Texas game and I made these sugar cookie bars from Pinterest. Right now we are 3-0 and it's been fun watching the games with friends.

First day of school

School started September 2nd.  Kate and Owen are in second grade and their teacher is Mrs. Baker.  They still love school.  They like being in the same class.  First day went off without a hitch.  It's been nice getting back into a routine.  One of my favorite parts about them going back to school is the funny stories they come home with.  Kate came home on the second day of school with a story I had to write down.  She told me that a boy she didn't know came up to her on the playground and said "This isn't a joke- I like you!" and ran away.  Then later he passed her a note that said, "We are just friends."  As she's telling this story she making big hand gestures and rolling her eyes and she said "It was stressing me out!"  I said "It's okay if he likes you Kate.  Why does it make you feel stressed out?" And, no joke,word for word, she said "I'm like, come on, it's the second day of school and you say you're in LOVE WITH ME?" She finished by throwing her hands up in the air and doing a major eye roll.  It makes me laugh thinking about how "stressful" her teenage years are going to be.

I spent the rest of the day with Josi and Lucy, and upon realizing that their favorite playmates were gone, I realized that I am going to be getting a lot less done during the day time than I originally dreamed.  These girls wanted my attention, all day.

Josi started school the next day.  Instead of going to the YMCA this year, I'm taking her to Kate and Owen's old preschool.  Earlier in the summer I took her there to get her feeling comfortable.  One of the ladies from the front office came up to Josi and said "Are you excited to come to school here?!"  Josi crossed her arms, turned her head, and said "I'm gonna spank your bum bum."  So... yeah.  She doesn't say those things in a serious way or a disrespectful way, she thinks she's being funny.  Granted, the lady laughed so I guess it was.  When I say she's my wildcard, I mean that I just really don't know how she's going to react to different situations.  Sometimes she is super awesome and funny and goofy, and sometimes she's so shy and scared that she's kicking and screaming.

So the morning of her first day, I forgot to get a picture of her at home, and by the time we were at the school she was in close to freakout mode.  I went to drop her off in her classroom and she grabbed onto my leg and wouldn't let go.  I had to pry her off of me and walk away with her kicking and screaming.  It was SUPER discouraging.  This happened a lot last year and I just wanted her to have a better experience.  So it made me pretty sad.  When I went to pick her up the teacher said it took Josi a lot longer than she expected to warm up.  She basically refused to participate and sat in the corner for most of class.  She wouldn't even come out for snack time.  At the end they did a volcano craft and then switched groups to do another craft.  Josi refused to rotate so she did the volcano twice.  But that means when she came home she got to tell this awesome story about the cool volcano craft they did.  I think it helped her realized how much she liked it there.

The next night I took her to a BBQ at her school.  I ran into one of the head teachers.  (She taught Kate and Owen and therefore couldn't just judge me as a parent on Josi's behavior alone.  haha)  She laughed as she told me that one of the teachers asked her "What do we do when she kicks us?"  I was a little mortified and even more discouraged than before!  So imagine my relief when I dropped her off on her second day (she goes 3 times a week) and she went in with a somber face but no kicking and screaming.  And when I picked her up and her teacher told me "she is just so sweet."  I can't even tell you the gratitude and relief I felt.  And she's loved it ever since.  She loves to go to school, she's never sad about, they do tons of fun crafts, and the teacher loves her!  It's helped me learn a little about Josi.  I realized that I think she was so scared and shy that she acted out, but as soon as she decided she liked it and was comfortable, she's pleasant as pie.  Boom.

Before school    

After school
I put Lucy in these pjs one of the nights I was super discouraged.  Because, come on, look how awesome she is.  How can you be sad with these funny pjs and her double chins?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

End of Summer and one last trip

Man, we had a fun and busy summer. The last few weeks were spent playing all day and getting ready for school to start. The kids have been wanting to sleep on the trampoline...well forever. I don't know why they never had before. Josi made it about 15 minutes before she came inside. Kate and Owen lasted until it got to dark and then they came inside too and slept in their sleeping bags!
My sweet friend Emily Smith let me come to her house and taught me how to can peaches!  It was a lot of work but pumped me up to maybe can more often!

I had to laugh when my kids made me this jewelry because, well, I kind of used to wear lots of big funny rings.  It took me back for a minute.
Story of my life.  Me having to steal kisses from my baby.

Okay, so random, but Kyle had a dental convention in Las Vegas over Labor Day weekend, so I found a babysitter and decided to go with him!  We flew out on a Thursday night, rented a car and drove out to Red Rock Casino, and at 11 pm had some of the yummiest tacos I've had in a long time.  On Friday and Saturday, Kyle had to go to classes from 8-3:30.  I thought I was going to have all the time in the world to read, lay out, shop, and do NOTHING.  I had only two things on my list, go to Target, and visit my girlfriend Julie.  (Kacey, I love you with all my heart but just wanted to lay low this trip.  If I hadn't of just seen you at the family reunion I would've been stalking you too.)  It turns out, I forgot how long it takes to get anywhere and do anything in Vegas.  Between visiting the Scows and doing a little shopping, I had zero down time!

Kyle and I had some great evenings planned.  I literally ran into the lobby in time to see BYU's season starter kickoff!  Kyle and I watched BYU dominate in the first half and then had to go out on the town.  Kyle has a connection with one of the main guys in the show "Jersey Boys," so we got super discounted 3rd row tickets, that came with a signed poster, sample cd, and 2 drink vouchers.  Afterwards we ran over to Gordon Ramsey's Steak for dinner.  And dang.  I had the beef wellington and it was the BOMB.  So good.  We also had the best mac and cheese I've ever had at a restaurant.  Saturday night we went to Mario Batali's Carnevino.  We'd eaten there before- it was so dang good.  I always get the beef cheek ravioli.  To die for.  We left the next morning.  It was a fun quick trip.  We came back in time for the kids to sleep on the trampoline one more time (Kate and Owen made it through the night!) and then school started after the day after Labor Day.  (For the record, I can't recommend "Jersey Boys" in good conscience.  Way too much profanity.)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Moses Lake

My kids get antsy in the summer time.  They beg me to go swimming every single day, so I decided to drive up to Moses Lake and let them swim at Grandma Earl's house every day.
We left on a Sunday, right after church.  It was a beautiful drive and we pulled into Washington right as the sun was setting.  There are few things I love more than driving into Washington at sunset, surrounded by open fields with good music blasting.  It made me so happy.  Not to mention Lucy was my best traveler that day.  She literally looked out the window or at the movie the entire drive, with only a few grunts when she needed a drink.  I'd never seen anything like it.

I had a lot of fun hanging out with mom and dad and Mike and Allie, especially that first night when we stayed up so late.  Every single day (except for one rainy day) we went to Grandma Earl's house to swim.  We'd show up just after lunch, I'd put Lucy down for a nap, and the kids would swim for hours.  One day she made us scones, another day we taught the kids how to play dominoes and we all played together.  Angie and Qianna were there to swim with us one day too.

One evening Melissa Redford and Cassidy Baker were able to meet up with me at my house!  They could only stay for about a half hour, but it was worth it and I was happy to see them.  I was also able to spend one evening down at the Hardy's.  They were having an Empty Nester's BBQ and visiting grandchildren were invited.  It was great to catch up with them.  Lucy found a pot of corn on the cob and grabbed one and ate the whole thing.  It was awesome to watch her walking around with it, dropping it, and still sucking it dry.  She's so cute.  I also got to spend an evening with my brother Justin.  He was in Spokane one day for work and drove down to eat dinner at Incas with us.  One day we hit up Franks and then went to play at Garden Heights.  It was fun watching the kids swing on a bar and then see Lucy walk right up to the bar and start swinging too.

My favorite parts were the times when I just got to sit and talk with Grandma Earl and when I got to spend time with my parents, either at Grandma's or at night once the kids were down.  I always end up watching some new shows with them- this time it was Midsomer Mysteries.  Mike and Allie were a little elusive this trip, as Mike was at work a lot and Allie usually stayed home from Grandma's to let Nora take a long nap!  I still can't believe we never made it to the fair.  I was planning on it all week, but it just didn't happen.  Not that I'm really a "fair" person, but when I'm in Moses Lake I like to do "Moses Lakey" things, and going to the fair is definitely "Moses Lakey," if you know what I mean.

We left Saturday afternoon after a stop at the Farmer's Market and a quick dip at Grandma's.  I downloaded the audio version of a book I was reading for the drive home and it made the drive home FLY.
One day I decided to go outside to read my book, and as I was halfway across my yard I realized my mom was already outside, reading her book in the exact spot I was going.

I love catching the twins having "twin" moments.  They are best friends.

It was also so much fun to watch them build forts down by the rocks.  We used to do that when we were little, and it just made me so happy to see them doing the same thing.  I love Moses Lake's big sky.