Sunday, April 26, 2015


I went into Kate and Owen's school the other day to register Josi for preschool. When I told them her name, they said, "Is this Kate and Owen's sister?" and I said yes. Then the two ladies clapped and said "Yay! We love Kate and Owen!" and said how they were excited that another Miller kid was going to be at the school. Then one of the ladies told me that she just loves Kate and Owen and how they are always so respectful and kind. Then she said "That's why I put them in that picture up on the wall!" I had never seen this picture, so I tried to grab a quick photo of it. It's titled "Respectful" and has a few students, including the twins, posing. It made my day.  Kate's in the pink and Owen in the dark gray with his thumb up.  haha  I'm grateful they have set a good precedent and example for the rest of our kids.  I told them that Josi was kind of a horse of a different color and they laughed and said that they'd love her.

A clam attitude

I've had a hard week with my baby Owen. He turned 8 and decided that he likes to say no to me and throw fits when I give him jobs. It's hard because he's always been a dream boy and I'm not used to him acting indifferent or spewing venom at me. Not to sound too dramatic myself. He's such a good boy and always has been, but he's been kicking against the bricks a little bit lately. I'm pregnant and emotional which means I might've cried multiple times...

 One of the times, the worst time, Kyle had to stand right up and throw Owen in his bedroom, and Kate ran in screaming at me to tell daddy to be nice to Owen. I told her to go to my room (aka give me space) and Kyle went in to talk to her. He told her that he knows she likes to defend her brother but he can't talk to mom that way. Kate yelled back at him "HE'S NOT JUST MY BROTHER! HE'S MY TWIN! AND I LOVE HIM!" haha Solidarity sister. But dramatic much?

Earlier in the week- he had gotten in trouble to the point where he had to have a sandwich for dinner while everyone else had Taco Bell. On the way to Taco Bell- I got this note from Kate. Owen and I had already made peace and enough time had gone by that it was funny. But man, being a mom is hard. (P.S.  I don't feel guilty for "losing my cool" this time around. It was one of those time when Owen needed to see me lose my cool, and we talked it out afterwards and I stuck to my guns.)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My two sidekicks

Josi and Lucy are the loves of my life right now. (You heard it twins. Get your acts together!) No I'm just kidding, but these girls have both just turned their own kind of corners and I am loving them and their ages right now.

Lucy has suddenly started talking tons. She's using actual phrases and sentences instead of a few words strung together. With her new communication skills, she's also becoming way more animated and smiley and giggly and cheesy! haha She also stands up against her older siblings and will scream at them if they try to take something that is hers. She loves her siblings though. She called Kate and Owen both "Kate" since she could talk, and is just barely starting to call Owen "Owen." (Although once this started, I heard her call Kate "Owen" as well. It's like she's sure they are one person together.) And it's not that she doesn't get names.  When friends come over she learns each of their individual names.  It's JUST with the twins.  She loves to jump on the trampoline with her siblings, she LOVES when dad gets home, and if he has to leave soon after she'll bawl her little eyes out. She loves her shows and I still give her a bottle when she wakes up in the morning. I'm really loving this age.  I feel like she's making me laugh every day.  She loves to come sit on my foot like a chair when my legs are crossed and a foot is dangling.  She never wants to eat at the table, but now that she can communicate, she's starting to do so and even starting to comply when we ask her to fold her arms for prayer.  She has the best cheesy grin.  None of these pictures capture it.  I love how she answers "yes" to questions.  She says it so clearly and decisively.

Josi is so much fun right now too.  She's always been my quirky little thing but now instead of quirky and crazy and unpredictable, she's now quirky and lovely and pleasant and funny.  A few months after she turned 4 she starting calming down and she has just hit her perfect stride.  I love being around her.  Lately Josi has been insisting on rubbing my feet.  Not for long, but she'll just be running by playing, will stop, rub each foot for 10 seconds, and then go on playing.  Yesterday I was having moment and I got off the phone and was crying (dumb long story about a receptionist at a doctor's office and Owen's chest hurting) and she just was watching me so sympathetically and told me that I should take a day off.  And then she rubbed my feet.  I love her so much.

She really knows how to push Kate and Owen's buttons.  It makes me a little sad because it's not entirely her fault.  She's at that fun stage where she just wants to tell them about her day and the fun things she got to do and they just RAIL on her that she's "bragging."  So I can't blame her too much for trying to push their buttons when they try to hush her up all the time.  It's sad because I love everything that's coming out of her mouth right now.  She says the most random, gorgeous, funny things.  She's going to a Lutheran preschool and consequently says funny things about the Godhead.  We were talking about the plan of salvation and I was explaining that Jesus still lives and she eagerly raised her hand and said, "Yes, He lives!... in our hearts," so softly, while cradling her heart.  She's so cute.  She thinks bathroom humor is hilarious even though it's mostly banned from our house.

She's my most physical child.  She asked me the other day, "Mom, does karate exist in this world?  Because if it does I really want you to find me karate.  I just really want to punch and kick (as she's doing karate moves)!"  She's lost a pinky nail and more recently her big toe nail.  I love this age on her.


Monday, April 20, 2015

Baby number 5

So, I am PREGNANT.  I'm very happy about it as well.  It kind of blows my mind a little bit that I'll have 5 children, but we are excited too.

This pregnancy has been very different from my other pregnancies.  From the beginning even.  Most of the time, I end up calling my family the day after I find out.  I just can't help it.  But this time, I kind of just wanted to hold the news close to my heart for a while.  Just to cherish it and smile about it to myself (and Kyle) for a little bit.

Every single one of my pregnancies so far, I have been SOO nauseous, to the point where I lose 15 pounds and can't even be around food long enough to make my children a peanut butter sandwich.  I can only eat saltines and a random meal here or there for the first 18 weeks.  This time, I've been nauseous, but I've still been able to eat light meals and can be around food.  I only lost about 6 pounds and now I'm 17 weeks and already have started feeling better (around 16.5 weeks).

I also went to the perinatologist at 16 weeks and found out that I am having a baby boy!  When I first found out I was pregnant, I figured I was just going to have a girl, because that's just what I have.  But when my pregnancy kept being so different from my other ones I thought there was a strong chance it could be a boy.  I'm so happy that it's a boy.  Four girls and one boy seems a little crazy but 3 girls and 2 boys sounds more... well-rounded.  haha I don't know.  I was just relieved that I didn't have to tell Owen it was another little girl.  He loves his sisters but I knew he wanted a brother.

The downside of seeing the perinatologist is that I found out I'm going to have to start my infusions at 20 weeks this time around instead of 28 weeks.  (Well, technically I started last time at 24 weeks, got meningitis from it, and held off again until 28 weeks.)  That means I'm going to have to have 7 more infusions this time and that also means I'll be on steroids for 7 more weeks (to prevent meningitis).  I was a little devastated when they told me but not surprised, as the most recent research I'd read had mentioned starting infusions at 20 weeks.  I got a bad moon face last time- I can't even imagine how huge I'm going to get this time around.  Steroids are the worst, but I'm grateful for modern technology that allows me to have a chance at having healthy babies, despite the fact that my body likes to attack my baby's platelets.

A few funny stories about letting the cat out of the bag:

1.  Like, a week after we found out I was pregnant, Kyle and I went out on a date.  When we got home, our babysitter was like, "So...I need to tell you something."  Turns out Owen had found my pregnancy test and brought it to her asking her what it was.  She had never seen a pregnancy test before so it took a minute for her to figure it out.  But she just ended up telling Owen "you better ask your mom."  Funny.

2.  I called one of my girlfriends here in town and told her that I was pregnant.  She said "I've actually known for 2 days but I was waiting for you to tell me!"  I was only 9 weeks at the time and hadn't told hardly anyone so I said "How did you know?!!"  Turns out MY DAD, Doug Earl, told Kent Adams (a lifelong friend), who told his daughter Paige, who happens to be childhood friends with my friend Emily in Roseburg.  My dad's reach made it all the way to Roseburg!  Hilarious right?!

3.  Owen's primary teacher came up and congratulated me.  Turns out Owen had said to the class "I have a secret but I have to wait 12 weeks until I can tell you!"

4.  I found out from Josi's primary teacher's daughter-in-law that in their primary class they were talking about priesthood blessings and Josi raised her hand and said "Mommy had to get a blessing because the baby in her tummy was making her sick!"  The teacher said, "Oh when she was pregnant with Lucy?" and Josi said "No with the NEW baby!"  haha  It was pretty funny.

My perinatologist appointment was on a Monday, so we took Josi out of preschool and Kyle, Lucy, Josi and I headed up to Eugene.  I went to my appointment by myself while Kyle took the girls shopping.  We all met up and went to PF Changs together, which was a lot of fun.  As we were leaving, Lucy stopped in front of the entire restaurant and picked up a long noodle from the floor and slurped it up before Kyle or I could stop her.  It was funny and everyone laughed at us.  We also stopped at Target so I could buy a collared romper for my new baby.

That night we went home and after soccer practice did a "reveal" for the kids.  Right before this clip Owen stepped forward and kind of saw the blue balloons so this wasn't his TRUE reaction, but they were all excited.  Until Kate accidentally let most of the balloons fly away.  Then there was crying and bribery involved trying to get my kids to smile for a picture.  It's called real life.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pinewood Derby

Owen is now in scouts and he is very excited about it. The first week, they built a birdhouse. The second week was the pinewood derby! We only got the kit a few days before the derby, so it was kind of funny watching Kyle stress out about it. We kept trying to prep Owen that the pinewood derby is just for fun and even if we don't win a single race it didn't matter as long as we had fun. haha The night came and it turned out to be really fun. I got Owen his uniform that day and he looked so handsome in it. It was double elimination. Owen won 2 official races and lost 2. After the entire thing was over they did some unofficial races and Owen beat even more people. He had a smile on his face all night, win or lose, which was even more adorable because I know deep down he loves competing.
He accidentally put a different car up on the ramp one time and then ran back and put the right car on.  He looked at everyone and smiled and we all kind of laughed together.  He was a good sport.  It was a fun night.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday

This year Easter Sunday fell on General Conference weekend. We spent Saturday watching conference, Owen's soccer game, and attending the Smith's annual Easter egg hunt. Sunday morning the kids woke up to find their Easter baskets full of fun toys and we spent the rest of the day watching conference. It was a nice relaxing weekend. This is the only picture I seemed to capture...

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Kate and Owen's baptism day

Saturday March 28th was Kate and Owen's baptism day. It's a day I had been looking forward to for a really long time, as long as I can remember. And it really was a special day.
I don't even know where to start.  The morning was a little hectic trying to make the desserts, shower the kids, get everyone ready.  Josi especially was refusing to wear what I wanted her to; we ended up compromising.  It was so nice to have the Millers and my parents there.  They took the bulk of the work so I could have a calmer morning.  Kaci put Kate's hair into 2 french braids (just like how I wore at my baptism), and everyone else made food.

The baptism was at 1:00, so we got there at about 12:30 for pictures and set up.  A lot of people showed up, and they had to keep bringing chairs in.  Among the guests were the Allens, Landers, Adams, Watters, Normans, Pattersons, Holborrows.  Tyler's mom and I basically split the program so that the Millers and Reitmanns were represented equally.  We had Ty say the opening prayer, and Kathy was the chorister.  She was so perfect.  She stood up there and would pace back and forth with animation trying to get the kids to really sing with gusto.  I love her!  We had each of the kids pick their favorite song- Tyler chose "Nephi's Courage" and Kate and Owen chose "I Love to See the Temple."  It was a little funny that we didn't have any baptism songs!

Then Tyler's older brother Colin gave the talk on baptism.  He did a great object lesson with teddy bears, and afterwards handed each of the baptism kids a bag of gummy bears.  They proved to be a bit of distraction so we had to take them away until the end.  haha.  (Just mostly the kids being nervous that Josi and Lucy were going to get them.)

Then it was time for the baptism ordinance.  Tyler went first.  We had so many little kids sitting up in front of the font, at least 15.  It was great.  Then it was our turn.  Kate went first.  It was so special getting to watch her get baptized.  I was so proud of her.  Then she came out of the water and I realized I needed to be back there to hand her a towel.  haha.  So I quickly went through the doors and got a towel for her.  Then we both stood in the wings (Kate shivering in her towel) and watched as Owen got in the water and was baptized.  It was so special watching Kyle baptize our little twins.  I can't believe they are 8.  Terry and Dad, both the grandpas, were the witnesses.  Then we all went into the dressing rooms and got dressed.

While everyone waited for the kids to come out from the dressing room they wrote their testimonies on little note cards as a keepsake for the kids.  It was pretty special. Next the kids (Kate, Owen, Josi, Bailey, Brooklynn and Reitmann kids) got up to sing "I'm trying to be like Jesus,"

Then it was my dad's turn to give the talk on the Holy Ghost.  He had the three baptized sit next to each other in the front and he pulled up a chair right in front of them and just spoke with them for a few minutes.  It really was perfect and made me so happy.  He gave examples of a few times in his life when he felt the Holy Ghost in his life very strongly and knew everything was going to be okay or knew he was doing what he should.  And he spoke about how the Holy Ghost can't be with us if we are doing something stupid.  (He added in a whisper, "I know that's a bad word in your house.")  It was perfect and I really felt the Spirit strongly and just felt so grateful for that moment and that experience.  My kids have no idea how lucky they are to have so much family that love them so much and who are powerful examples of mighty men and women in the gospel.  They stand on strong shoulders.  

Then all the kids were confirmed members of the church and given the gift of the Holy Ghost.  In Kate and Owen's circle were Kyle, Dad, Terry, and Ty.  I'm so grateful they were there.  (Funny side note- in Kate's blessing Kyle said something about her "brotherS and sisters."  I didn't notice at the time but all the Millers mentioned it later and said they think that means I am having a boy!  haha)

After the services we ran to the kitchen and got out our desserts- brownies, vanilla ice cream, and our famous Earl chocolate fudge sauce.  Kyle had already set up a few tables for the little kids and my family came over and took over the serving so I could mingle and thank everyone for coming.  It was truly a beautiful day.  I'm so grateful my children chose to get baptized and that it was a positive experience for them.