Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Prayer Works! A Sunday miracle.

The week before General Conference, I got a text from a friend from church, asking me if my kids would be able to sing a song about Jesus in sacrament meeting the following week.  Umm...my kids haven't even ever born their testimonies or sang in front of anyone before.  So I asked the twins if they would do it; Kate was an absolute YES.  Owen wasn't sure.  Kate insisted, even said she'd do it alone.  Once we picked "I'm trying to be like Jesus," Owen decided he was in.  So we committed.
We practiced the words and I plunked out the notes on the piano.  Michelle, the pianist, came and practiced on the Tuesday before and we called it good.  We spent the rest of the week mastering the 2 verses, since I wasn't going to have them take the words up.

Okay, Sunday morning.  Owen announces he's not interested in singing in church anymore.  (Tough luck kid.)  Fifteen minutes before church started, after choir practice was over, I ran Kate and Owen up to the microphone for one last run through.  They had never practiced on the microphone before this moment.  The chapel was filling up quick, and it was noisy, but we turned on the mic and started the song.  Kate shrunk, and turned to me crying.  She was so scared, and wouldn't sing a word, trying to hide her face.  Owen, on the other hand, put his mouth right up to that microphone and sang confidently- the wrong words, mixing up the verses.  It was TRULY a DISASTER.  I was sitting behind them holding Kate's hand, but she kept turning around to look at me crying.  I mean, it was more than a disaster.  This was 10 minutes before the meeting was suppose to start.  The pianist stood up, looked at me, and said, "We should maybe try that again?" and I was like "Uh YEAH."

At this point I was past the pep talk phase and threatening their lives!  I told them this was happening, like it or not, pull yourself together!!  (haha okay not exactly, but you get the gist.)  The second run through wasn't going much better, so I ended up standing up with them and singing with them.  In between the verses Kate still stuck her head in my tummy, crying, but I at least got some words from her.

We sat down and Kyle said, "Well that didn't go well." haha Understatement of the year.  I was shaking and grabbed the primary hymnbook and started going over the words so I could make sure I had them memorized since I was going to be doing an impromptu performance.  Kate was sulking on my shoulder and I turned to her and told her she needed to say a prayer so that Heavenly Father could help her not be so nervous.  She told me that she didn't want to disappoint me and that she was sorry but she was so scared.  I had a calm mom moment and told her that I wasn't disappointed and that I was happy to sing with them to help and support them and that it was going to be okay.  

A few minutes later, I think it was after the sacrament, Kate turned to me and said, "Mom, you don't need to sing with us.  I said a prayer and I'm not nervous anymore."  And she actually looked visibly calmer. I told her that I was so glad but I was probably still going to sing with them.  She said okay but told me again that I really didn't need to.  And even though my body was still shaky and stressed from their last practice, I felt a thought in my heart that they were going to be okay without me.  I didn't want to trust that feeling (I didn't want them to crash and burn.  Seriously- that last practice was THAT bad), but I felt that it was a prompting and I should trust it.

So the speaker finished his talk and it was our turn.  I walked Kate and Owen up to the microphone, got them situated with the mic lowered to their mouths, and I sat down behind them.  The music started...and they nailed it.  They came in perfectly, they didn't mess up a single word, and they sang out loud and clear.  I almost started instantly crying in pure relief and gratitude.  It was so awesome.  They didn't even ever look back at me.

On the drive home, Kate told me that she was so scared, but she said a prayer to not be scared and Heavenly Father answered her prayer.  Then she said that as soon as they finished the song she sat down and said a prayer to say thank you to her Heavenly Father for helping her. I'm so grateful that she had that experience and recognized it.  And I'm grateful they had a positive experience.  I really felt like it was a miracle for our little family.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The rest of March in pictures

Date nights.

Kitchen floods.

Girl nights with shameful shows.



Bought a piano from Craigslist.  The first day I sat down and plunked out primary hymns with the twins sitting by me singing at the top of their lungs, I thought, "worth it a million times."

Seasame street.

Front/back yard makeover.

Lucy discovered she likes crawling into things.


This past weekend when we realized that Kyle had Friday off and it was Spring Break, we decided to go the 2.5 hours down to the Redwoods for a few days.  Most of our trips are LONG trips so it was nice to explore the local area.  Kyle wanted to rent a house instead of a hotel, and when we found out our good friends the Cowies were also planning on going to the Redwoods for the weekend, we decided to go in on the house together!  They have identical twin two-year old girls and 2 older boys- a 7 and 9 year old I think.

So Thursday after work we loaded the car and headed down to Crescent City, California, right outside the Redwoods park.  It was a beautiful drive and when we got there we realized the house we rented was literally across the street from the beach.  Unfortunately, that night and the next entire day was rainy.  Not kind of rainy- torrential downpour type of rain.  We got the kids dressed in ponchos and coats just to walk across the street to see the beach in the morning.  They were gone for five minutes and came back SOAKED to the bone.  I forgot that coastal rain is different than Roseburg rain and realized I had severely underpacked.  But we were so grateful for our setup because we spent a good portion of the day in the house playing with our friends.  Weekend saved.
We also went to the aquarium and drove a little through the park down muddy, skinny roads.  In the evening the husbands took the older kids to a local indoor pool for an hour too.  So it turned out okay.  After we put the kids down it was so much fun to sit and talk with Sara all night while the boys watched basketball.

On Friday morning it wasn't raining yet so we got out of the house by 9 and walked down to the beach and along the pier.  We also got to see a lighthouse.  Then we went back to the house, cleaned and checked out, and our families parted ways.  We drove down to the "Trees of Mystery."  It was a perfect trail full of awesome and interesting trees, and at the top there was a gondola ride that the kids loved.  Afterwards we drove a little further to the place were you can drive through a tree.  Our dear Honda BARELY fit.  All the kids fell asleep in the car and we decided to take advantage and drive home (after picking up some fish and chips for Kyle and I!).

It was a short 2 days but a really great time.  I was so happy that it didn't rain on Saturday because I really wanted to hike in the Redwoods.  People who don't believe in God should just go there.  It's pretty amazing and beautiful. And there are spots were there ocean comes up right to the road and the waves for stormy and huge.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Kate and Owen!!

My twinnies turned 7 yesterday.  Sounds so old to me.  Six= babies.  Seven= practically full grown.

They had a friend party last year, so we decided for a family birthday this year.  These kids were SO excited for their birthday.  For weeks we got the countdown, and I'd find birhtday wish-lists, longer than their Christmas lists, all around the house.  (On one of those lists of wants Kate had listed a happy meal, Red Robin, surprise party, surprise presents.)

We had a few really nice couple of days before their birthday.  Their birthday is during Spring Break so on Friday I went to their classroom with their choice of treats (Snickerdoodles for Owen and Chocolate Chip cookies for Kate).  It was fun watching Joslyn in their classroom.  She wanted to be their age so bad, asking Mrs. Remington for the same worksheet the class was working on and sitting with Owen at his desk.

Then on Saturday night we had a ward "Minute to Win it" party put on by the missionaries.  Owen and Kate got put on different teams, and Owen came up and cried into my stomach because he was sad he wasn't on Kate's team.  haha That kid.  I think he was also sad because Kate's team had young people on it and he was probably a little jealous.  But he competed in a game where you blow up a balloon and use the air in it to knock cups off a table and got the best score and won.  He was pretty happy after that.  Josi and Kyle competed in one where Josi had to turn in circles while Kyle wrapped her in toilet paper.  It was funny watching her get so dizzy.

The night before their birthday we went next door to one of our neighbor's- she was on a trip but we are good friends and we wanted to picnic in her backyard so the kids could play on her big toy.  We had a rotisserre chicken on crescent rolls.  It was kind of the perfect evening when the kids were all playing together laughing, the weather was beautiful, Lucy was making funny faces, we were eating good food.  It was just really nice.  I kept taking mental pictures.

Then it was their birthday.  We woke up and showered, then joined a bunch of friends for a morning at Jungle Jump.  It was perfect because it felt like a fun party for them even though it wasn't.  Then we met Kyle at McDonald's for some Happy Meals.  (My kids always beg for Happy Meals but they only get them on birthdays or rarely on a long roadtrip.)  And we played there for a little while.  We spent the rest of the afternoon lazing around.  It was really great.  Kyle got home at 6 and we went straight over to Red Robin.  Is it a little sad my kids planned their birthday around food?  I guess I've trained them early.  They have always wanted to eat at Red Robin on their birthday so that the staff could come out and sing to them.  They asked me a million times, "Have you told them it's our birthday?!"

At home we sang happy birthday to each of them, and opened presents.  Kate had cupcakes and Owen's "cake" was pumpkin pie.

I had to include this picture of Kyle at McDonald's, watching Lucy play.  I was just sitting there watching him.  He is such a good dad.  He loves his kids and without being asked went over to watch and play with him.

Kate got money from Grandma Aha and my parents, Grandma Mosher, and Kathy and Terry, the movie Frozen, some new clothes and hairbrush, and a rainbow loom and organizer.  Owen got money as well, a Wii game, legos, and clothes as well.  It was a really fun day.

Sidenote:  We didn't love the Wii game we got Owen- Epic Mickey something.  Kyle played it with him and didn't like it at all, so after the kids were down for the night, we discussed getting a different one.  (We had originally bought it on crazy sale after Christmas, not because we necessarily thought Owen would like it.)  At 9:30 pm, Owen came out of his room crying.  I asked him what was wrong and he kept whispering "I don't want to hurt your feelings."  I told him he could tell me anything and it wouldn't hurt my feelings, and he told me he didn't like his Wii game.  It was really pretty cute, that he trusted me with that and at the same time didn't want to hurt my feelings.  I told him that I understood and that Daddy didn't like it either and we had already discussed that we might take him to the store to get a new one.  It was really pretty sweet.  Kyle took him today and he picked out Mario Galaxy.  All is well again.  Birthday saved.