Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

The first time I got to see my kids after our long time was Mother's Day morning! So we were all happy to see each other and it was extra special. Owen brought me a cinnamon toast in bed, with a bite taken out of it. haha. I tell my kids the bite means "I love you." I used to bite their sandwiches and they'd be mad, but after I told them that they'd be like "aww- mom I love you too!" So that was pretty cute. Then I look over and all of them are helping Owen tape up a Mother's Day poster. Kate brought me the funniest card ever. She made a bubble chart with my characteristics listed. They started out real nice with "happy, loving, caring, smiling, joyful, excited, enthusiastic, trips, candy crush, kind" and then she moved onto "sleepy, frustrated, confused, mad." It was hilarious. I started laughing and she said "What?! It's okay! Sometimes you have mixed feelings!" I love you Kate. Owen's card was pretty funny too. I get it, I play too much Candy Crush.

We thought we'd be too jet-lagged to even to make it to church, but we woke up so early and decided we didn't want to miss our kids singing in sacrament meeting.  We were both dying by the end of church but we made it through.

Also, I know I gushed about Kathy in my last post, but man, not only did she watch my kids for 10 days, she also surprised me by planting flowers, veggies, and herbs, AND leaving me enchiladas in the fridge so I wouldn't have to cook on Mother's Day.  And a birthday cake for Kyle.  She is the best thing ever. And spending the time in London with my own mom was invaluable.  I'm so grateful for these 2 women and my grandmothers and Earl and Miller sisters.  


Saturday, May 9, 2015

While we were gone...

While we were away, our kids had the best time with Grammy and Poppa. They went to the zoo 3 times I think. Grammy straight up taught Josi how to ride her bike without her training wheels! Before our trip, Josi would actually say in her prayers, "Please help Grammy teach me to ride my bike without training wheels." Well baby girl- your prayers were answered! They had lots of soccer practices and games (Owen scored 5 goals in one of the games). We actually got a text from our coach halfway through the trip saying Kate was at practice and wanted to play so he added her to the roster. haha. Kate had dance and dance pictures, and won a "Student of the Month Award" for her curiosity.  Kate had spent her birthday money from Grandma Connie and Grandpa Doug on a ukelele and Poppa taught her how to tune it and play a song.  She even took it into school and sang to her class and her 1st grade teachers class.  (I love how fearless she can be!)  These first few pictures are of Lucy and a lot of bubble time.  They also played on playgrounds, fed the ducks, and went on a few bike rides.  They are way more fun than I am with my kids!  Thanks so much Kathy and Terry for loving us enough to come to Roseburg for so long!  We all think you are the very best!        

Day 9 + Travel Home day!

Friday, May 8th and Saturday, May 9th-

Mom and Dad were leaving today, so they wanted to stay home this morning and pack and clean up.  Kyle and I ventured out to the British Museum and spent a few hours there.  We hit a list of "Top 10 things to see if you only have an hour" and took about 2 hours finding them.

Next we met up with my parents to eat lunch with them and one of their old missionaries from their Spain MTC days.  My mom's knee was feeling better and she was walking on it better today, thank heavens.  It was a kind of sad lunch because I knew my parents were leaving right afterwards!

We said our goodbyes and they went straight to the airport and we went straight to King's Cross Station to visit platform 9 3/4.  Turns out it is pretty well organized.  There was a line that took about 45 minutes to wait through, and once you got to the front you got to take as many pictures as you wanted, with whichever scarf you wanted, while an employee held the scarf for you and another employee took professional pictures (although you could take as many as you wanted with your phone).  There was also the option of posing with wands and dueling, but we didn't do that since it wasn't true to the story.  They never had to duel near platform 9 3/4.  Duh.  Also, it was super interesting watching some people choose the Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff scarf.  Who doesn't choose Gryffindor?  I can understand people wanted to be tough rebellious Slytherin but the other two?  Interesting.

We went downtown and found the Lion King theater and decided to eat at Gordon Ramsey's Savoy nearby.  Funny story, we had about 1/2 hour until our dinner reservation so we walked to Covent Garden nearby and Kyle accidentally got sucked into a street show.  It was pretty hilarious, since Kyle isn't much of a showman.  And it was for a LONG time.  As soon as he was able to walk off the "stage" we literally had to run through the streets to make our reservation.  We were both close to sprinting.  It was pretty funny.  Dinner was okay.  I was kind of full, and to be honest, was kind of expecting it to be more delicious.  I think I was turned off a little because they brought the food when I was in the restroom so they had put a cover on it, and once the cover was taken off I found 3 or 4 LIVE ANTS on my plate!!!  I knew we didn't have time to wait for more food, and we realized they had come from the thing covering my plate and not the actual food, so I just picked them off and ate anyway.  Ew?  TMI?  I was just totally put off by it.

The Lion King, however, was amazing.  I've always wanted to see it and I wasn't disappointed.  I swear I got tears in my eyes during the opening musical number!  We had a wonderful time and called it a night afterwards.

The next morning we woke up at 5:30, left our flat at 6, and went straight to the airport.  It took a long time to get there so I was glad we left so early.  Our flight was from Heathrow all the way to San Fransisco- an 11 hour flight.  It was pretty crazy, and they didn't offer the personal entertainment centers like they had on the flight there.  But we did get our own rows so that was pretty nice.  We got into Portland at 6 pm and still had to drive 3 hours home!  (It was 5 or 6 am to our bodies by the time we got home!)  Kathy and Terry picked us up from the airport in Portland, we tried to thank them (how do you even thank them?!) and dropped them off at their hotel as they were flying back home the next morning, and then we drove home.

It was an awesome trip.  Exhausting!  But so awesome.  I can't thank my parents or Kyle's parents enough for the experience.  Family is the best.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Day 8

Thursday, May 7th-

We were planning on meeting Cali at Paddington Station by 9:15 am.  We woke up early so we could tell my parents what Kyle and I had figured out the night before- our transportation cards were expired.  We could get an oyster card at the tube station, but we wouldn't be able to take a bus there.  Nobody wanted to walk the mile (ish) to the tube station, so we ended up ordering an Uber early and taking that to the North Greenwich station, buy more passes, and were still able to meet Cali by 9:10.  We got some almond croissants and some Upper Crust sandwiches for later, and boarded a train to Warwick.  The ride was an hour and 15 minutes.

Warwick was different from the other castles we visited, but the funny part was how much it seemed like a theme park.  The maps they passed out were cartoony and touristy.  Cali, Kyle and I climbed all the towers and met up with my parents for a short tour.  It was there we learned the reason- Warwick Castle was bought by Madam Tussaud's (which explained all the wax figurines), and later was bought by the same people who own Lego Land.  Anyway, we were there until 2, took a long walk back to the train station, and caught the 2:44 train home.  Once we were back in London, we walked back to Joey's hotel to find out how his big presentation went (of course he nailed it).  We sat around deciding where to eat and ended up at a nice little English restaurant.  Halfway through our meal, my mom tweaked her knew somehow and suddenly both her legs were swollen and she couldn't walk to the bathroom without completely leaning on me.  It was pretty scary since she's gotten both of her knees replaced in the past year.  Mom and Dad decided to go back to the flat right then.  Cali and Joey were leaving the next day so they said a quick sad goodbye and then they left.

We finished off our long meal and walked to Tesco to buy some English candy for the kids.  We said our goodbyes then and Kyle and I went home too.  I hate when a party is over.  It was really sad for me to say goodbye to the Emig's.  I try not to dwell on it too much, but living so far away from family is hard.  We felt lucky we got to go on this trip with them.