Friday, March 6, 2015

Little things

Kyle came home for lunch today.  His patient right before lunch cancelled, so he had extra time.  We were sitting on the couch eating our Pita Pit sandwiches he'd picked up for us, watching a recorded Tonight Show, when I wondered aloud what my goal should be for today.  I've been pretty sick the past few days, so instead of setting myself up for complete failure, I've set one goal a day (besides my everyday "sustain my kids").  Sweep the floor.  Hang up my clothes.  Fold a batch of laundry.  Small goals.  So I committed to cleaning our toilet today.  That was my one personal goal.  ("Gross.  Don't let that be your goal today, " Kyle said.)  Then I had to run pick Josi up from preschool.  Kyle had to get back to work but stayed home long enough so I could leave Lucy with him while I ran to get Josi.  When I got back home, my sweet Kyle had CLEANED OUR TOILET.  I am just so grateful every day for him.  Not only does he never put any pressure or expectations on me for what I choose to do during my day, but he actively tries to help make my life easier.  Especially when I'm sick.  I love that guy.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Dance Recital

Basketball season

Kate and Owen played basketball this year for the first time. I kind of signed Kate up against her will, but I'm so glad I did. She loved it. So did Owen. It was the easiest sport we've done yet as we carpooled with the Smiths and the husbands took the kids to the practices. They had practice twice a week and a game on Saturday. It was a lot of fun watching them gain confidence throughout the season. It started when Kate especially felt like she was great at defense. Then their confidence spread to offense and they were each making a few baskets each game, especially Owen. It was a really fun season.

During one of the games, Lucy went and sat by Kate and Landon and put her legs up like they were.
Owen passing to Kate.

After the last game, one of the mom's rented a space above Domino's Pizza and we had a little party.

I love how Josi was sitting in this room of strangers watching them play Mindcraft.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

February: Hanging with the kids

One day I saw Josi thumbing through the Book of Mormon, and while doing so, she was telling the story of Joseph Smith as a young child, refusing to drink wine when getting his leg operated on. It was the best.

I finally got my 2008 blog book printed up.  I also have finished and ordered my 2009 book, and just finished editing my 2010 book, although I'll wait to order that one until I at least get my 2009s in the mail.

Josi arranging pictures and magnets with the letters of her name.
Valentine's Day.  Dirty faces.
Owen got a special Valentine delivery to our home after the school party. We had given his best friend Maddelynn a ride to school 3 times the week before as a favor to her mom, so she brought a "thank you" valentine for the family and Maddelynn had a special one for Owen.
Kyle squishing all the kids.  They play with this couch and it's cushions EVERY DAY.
Wildlife Safari

Lucy has been sick this month so I've gotten more and more cuddles from her.  
My baby and her beef stick.  She looks like the guy on "A Team" who always says "I love it when a plan comes together!"
The twins had to write and autobiography in school this past week.  I love the details in Kate's illustrations.  After this page, instead of using "I" she always used "we."  Same with Owen.

Josi at her well child check.  She has stopped letting me take pictures of her.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


I bought my girls some matching pajamas the other day. After their bath I told them I was going to take a picture of them. Then I started clicking my camera and without saying a word, the both started making the same crazy facial and body expressions. It was slightly bizarre.  Seriously- no words were exchanged, they just kept hearing the clicking and kept moving.  They definitely are sisters.  

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Allen Farm

My dear friend Anna just finished building her dream home here in Roseburg. It's on beautiful land with a lot of acreage and 2 ponds. They have cows on their land and recently got a few horses and a pony. So when she invited my little girls to come out and ride the pony, we couldn't refuse. In fact, every day prior to going over there Josi asked me "Are we going to ride my pony now?!!" As soon as we got there, Clara took the older girls out on the 4-wheeler for a while. Josi had the time of her life. Then we all walked down to the horses and pony. Lucy was in heaven and just kept stretching her hands through the wires, trying to get the horses to lick her hands. She had absolutely no fear. Once we got the pony out, the girls brushed her and then Josi got a ride. I think she felt safer on the 4-wheeler. Or maybe she just liked the speed of it more. It was a fun afternoon.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The rest of January

Here is the rest of January in pictures. Owen got to take the classroom sock monkey, Jo Jo, home for the weekend. Lucy especially loved him, and liked to feed him her food.
Lucy got a Wubble for Christmas so we spent a Saturday afternoon at the church playing with it.  We also scootered and roller skated.

I was cleaning out the kid's craft drawer the other day and found this note on a coloring book.  I'm pretty proud of Kate for holding it in.  haha
Family Lego Star Wars time.
Josi loves wearing a dress, a skirt, and pants.  I just let her go with it.
Kate and Owen are in a basketball league at the YMCA right now.  They have practice twice a week and a game on Saturday.  They are both really loving it.  I kind of signed Kate up against her will but she's so happy to be playing.  It's been pretty hilarious watching them play.  
Lucy wearing a Hello Kitty purse on her head, scrubbing my foot with a nail filer.

Kate was late getting the round two of sickness at our house.