Friday, July 22, 2016

Ward Campout

It's that time of year! Kyle was in charge of a lot of the ward campout this year. We left after work and made our way down to Galesville Reservoir with our car loaded WAY fuller than when we go on a two week vacation! We set up camp, roasted some hot dogs, and spent time with our friends. There was a little Pioneer Day presentation and video in the evening, and then we had smores and the kids ran around in the dark with flashlights until 11:30 at night. We have a 10 man tent and we put a pack and play in one side and an air mattress on the other side. Lincoln went to sleep around 10 and for the most part stayed asleep when we put the kids down at 11:30.

 It was a night of camping so...not great sleep, and we were up by 6:30 am so that Kyle and the Shulfers could make breakfast- eggs, pancakes, bacon, and sausage. We stayed later than we usually do. We did a short service project of picking up debris and large sticks around the lake. Then the kids went canoeing and boating and had yet more smores. It was a really fun overnight trip.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Stand up boy!

Sorry, but I'm obsessed with this little dude. He just started pulling himself up on furniture, and we are all just so excited. He had been doing it for about a day when Owen finally saw him do it and started SCREAMING!! thinking it was the first time. We all had a good laugh at him, since it was old news by then.  Ignore the messy room.


Monday, July 11, 2016

The rest of our time

When we weren't at the beach, we were eating, going to the movies, going to Target and The Rack, taking a walk, having our (first ever) lemonade stand! eating, and going to the movies. :) It was a really great trip. The kids all got along so well, there was no weird illness going on, we had easy access to babysitters. It was great. We love our family time every summer.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Beach life

This trip was the trip of the beach days!  We did 3 or 4 FULL 9-5 beach days.  It was so much fun!  I've jammed all of our beach day pictures into this one post- so these are not all from one day.  Our first full day at the beach, of course, was the fourth of July!  Kyle, Ty, GF Hailey (she visited with us for about 4 days over the holiday weekend), Toni, and Keri took the morning shift, and went to the beach at 5 am and saved our spot.  Good news!  No crazy plane crashes like last year.  Joel and Lindsay Henriod came and visited with us too and that was fun.  We watched the fireworks that night in a church parking lot, where we got surprised by the sprinklers!

We also spent the 5th of July on the beach.  The Millers usually spend every Monday in the summer time at the beach all day, reserving a fire pit for family night, where they are joined by their friends.  Since the 4th was on Monday and we couldn't do the BBQ, we did it the next day on a Tuesday, which also happened to be mine and Kyle's 13th anniversary.  When we got there that day, Kyle lost his wallet while packing everything from the car to the beach.  We all said prayers and on his 3rd walk back to the car found 2 teenagers looking through it by the car.  He gave them the cash he had ($12) and thanked them for finding it for him.  Phew.  That could've been annoying.

Our last day in town we also spent at the beach, and that was a little more eventful.  We were there all day.  Lincoln was super happy and the two of us had a magically few minutes while we spent time together playing in the sand.  (I kept thinking "I need to take a picture and send this to someone so they can see how ADORABLE my baby is!!"  But then I realized, the only person who would think he was as delicious as I did was ME.  haha)  Once he fell asleep, Toni convinced me that since it was my last day, I had to go swim in the ocean!  So we ran out into the waves and kept swimming until we were past the break.  We were out there awhile, floating on our backs, in water where we couldn't touch the ground.  Kyle saw us and ran out to join us, body surfing when the good waves came.  It was super fun and great for all but 2 minutes, when I was suddenly 5 feet away from Toni, then 10, then 20.  I found myself stuck out there and I couldn't get back to Toni or Kyle.  I yelled to Kyle that I was stuck, and he pointed to the side telling me to swim parallel.  So I turned my back to him and gave it a good go, but when I looked to see if I made any progress I realized I was out even further...Oh dear.  And I went from being perfectly fine to suddenly EXHAUSTED.  And I must've started to panic a little because suddenly I just felt like I couldn't breath too well and I was sure my swimsuit was going to drag me down to the ocean floor.  haha.  I started praying to the heavens and when I looked up I saw a lifeguard sort of nearby helping some other kids, so I at least felt like, worst case scenerio, I'd have to get saved by that little dude.  But then a man right next to Toni, probably in his late 30's and in a full body wetsuit, looked right at me, pointed at me, and yelled to me "DO YOU NEED HELP?"  haha Oh brother.  I kind of laughed at him while replying "I kind of think I do!"  He handed his son over to Toni (who had to say to him "Do you know how to go under waves?  Because here we go!") and he swam right over to me and calmly told me to put my hand on his shoulder.  So I held on to his shoulder and we both kicked myself in.  I just couldn't get on the other side of the waves, so once he helped me get over it, I was out of the current and could touch pretty soon after that.  The lifeguard came right over and handed me his flotation device and helped walk me it.  It was SUPER funny except for like 2 minutes when it was slightly terrifying.  I thought "well, at least I had a nice last moment with Lincoln!"  haha.  I'm a little dramatic at times.

When I got back up on the beach, I had to tell the Millers what happened, as only Toni and Kyle were witnesses to the whole thing.  (Kyle kept saying "I didn't know you were in that bad of shape.  I would've saved you!"  And I kept telling him "I wasn't in bad shape until all of the sudden I was!")  I was just so grateful that man came over and was so calm and just helped me get to where I needed to be.  And I felt a little better about the whole situation as later that day we watched two boat rescues at that exact same spot.  There must've been a strong rip current right there!)

Anyway, it was a great week of beach visits!  (All's well that ends well!)