Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Coming out of the fog

Once I got on the antibiotics and started feeling better, I felt like I started coming out of the "new baby" fog as well. I've gotten my teeth cleaned, gone to the chiropractor a few times, started cleaning again (even mopped my floors and cleaned out my closet!) and have actually gotten ready for the day once or twice.  This past weekend I even went out!

We went to the Hucrest auction AND  a movie on Friday night (The Martian).  Lincoln didn't make a peep through the auction so that was nice.  We sat at a table with people we didn't know but had a good evening.  All the classes made a craft for parents to bid on, and our kids class had the FUNNIEST craft ever:  a 3-D picture of a peacock.  Each kid decorated a feather and then a peacock head protruded out of the frame.  It was truly bizarre.  We laughed and Kyle was the only bidder.  We thought we'd turn the joke around on the teacher and donate it BACK TO THE CLASS. haha In his face.  But when we got home and told the kids we were going to do that they said "Oh the teacher does NOT want it back.  He says it's a waste of space."  haha (No kidding!  And heavy to boot!)  

On Saturday we took the whole family to the movie Pan.  Poor Kyle has been so bored with me being home bound and his broken finger preventing him from playing basketball and golf that he didn't care if the movie was age appropriate for all of our children or not!  haha They did better than I thought they ever would.  And on Sunday Lincoln and I made it to church for the first time. Lucy and Kyle went home halfway through sacrament because Lucy had a sudden fever.  

  Josi lost her first tooth, which was great because her adult tooth was coming in quick behind it.  I also caught this picture of her "reading" to Lincoln after school one day.  Also- soccer started the week before I had the baby.  I have Owen in soccer, and they have goalies this year.  Kate is in 2 dance classes for the first time this year, and Josi is in nothing.  I had good intentions but I'm waiting a while longer.  It was too intimidating signing her up for anything when I knew I was about to have a baby.    

Friday, October 9, 2015

Week 4

When our parents were here, I was going on little sleep and adrenaline. Once they left, I had to go on even less sleep (no sleeping in) and the adrenaline of a newborn baby was LONG GONE. I remember texting someone "I was totally in love with him, but now I'm mostly just tired." On top of that, halfway through the week I started feeling sick. On Tuesday night I was so feverish I couldn't fall back asleep after Lincoln's 4:00 am feeding. I spent the next three days sicker than a dog. It was horrible. I had a sore throat, headache, but worst of all I felt like a FURNACE sweating from every pore, yet SHAKING I was cold to the bone. Add that to recovering from my c-section still and nursing in the night and I can't remember the last time I had ever felt that sick. Maybe with my aseptic meningitis, but that only lasted 1 day before I was in the ER and they were giving me drugs to feel better. Thursday night Kyle's home teaching companion Jed Norman came over and helped give me a blessing, and the next morning his sweet wife and my dear friend Tyree came over and watched my kids so I could go to instacare. I got medicine for my strep throat and started feeling better Saturday.

As far as the pictures go, sometimes Lucy tries to sneak sleeping on Josi's floor.  It's pretty funny.  On Tuesday, before getting sick, I went to Anna Allen's house to watch "The Scarlet Pimpernel."  My sweet friend has a casted ankle and a 4 month old and I just had to take a picture of the contraction she had made to get her baby around.  She's so great.   Little Lucy fell and bonked her front teeth and her lip swelled up pretty good.  I'm hoping she doesn't have a dead tooth now.  Also, my cousin Britney sent me this killer BYU onesie for little Linc.  She's the best.  I also wanted to get a good shot of Lincoln's little chin.  Is he going to have a cleft chin?!!

Lincoln at one month old:

Monday, October 5, 2015

Josi in Kindergarten

The first few days after I had Lincoln I had Josi on my mind a lot.  I was wondering how she was doing with Kindergarten, and feeling like I was missing it! My neighbor Elizabeth Clawson was subbing at school and spent a lot of the last week in Josi's room. She said that Josi was so quiet and well behaved and was one of the only kids to go sit criss-cross-applesauce on the rug without being told. It could've been because I just had a baby, but I think I got tears in my eyes. And she sent me these two pictures, some of her best friends at school.
  The funny thing is is that Josi has been saying she loves a boy. And she kissed this boy at recess. And when I sent Kyle in to tell her we only kiss our family members, she laughed and said word for word "I can do whatever I want! I can take care of my own body!" I swear I saw into my future, and I was scared. Real scared! haha But then when I talked to her again she said "I know mom! You already told me!" So hopefully we nipped that in the bud.

I said to her the other morning "I hope you have the best day today," and she said "I love school so much!"  I'm just so happy and grateful about it. She comes home happy everyday.  And then she has to get all of her silly and stubbornness out.  I'll take it. Kyle went to her school and took her lunch and spent time with her and her friends on the playground. I'm so happy she is making friends and liking school.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Week 3

Week 3. More pictures of sweet little Lincoln. He still sleeps through a lot of the day and is still curled up in a ball all the time. He always has a little worried look on his face, does the best stretches, and lets me kiss him all day. The weekend was a little rough as he recovered from his circumcision. Kyle made the unfortunate decision to fly to Michigan for the BYU vs. Michigan game, so I had a super sad baby and no husband! Luckily, the Millers stayed over the weekend to take care of me and my babies. Once Kyle came back on Sunday afternoon the Millers packed up and left. I can't ever thank both sets of parents for helping us so much. I was so sad to see them go.