Thursday, November 29, 2012


This past Monday was my birthday.  It was also a Monday, which means I had an infusion!  I was basically planning on being sick all day, so Kyle decided to surprise me with a babysitter on Saturday night so we could go out to dinner and a movie.  We went to Rodeo Steakhouse (mostly because they have delicious honey butter rolls) and then to Breaking Dawn part 2.  Kyle has seen all of the Twilight movies with me in the theater.  haha.  He's so great. 

Then on Sunday night he made me a really yummy steak dinner, and then we had a few friends over to eat cake.  And even after that, my infusion wasn't until 11 am on Monday morning, so after the kids went to school, Kyle, Josi, and I went out to breakfast at Brix.  It was quite delicious.  I ordered a hot chocolate and Joslyn was so excited when she saw it that the waitress brought her a mini, cold, free one.  It was sweet.  Joslyn loved it. 

So then I went in for my infusion.  My girlfriends who are in Young Women's with me came in and brought me lunch and hung out with me for a few hours.  Isn't that so nice?  It made my infusion go by a lot faster.
Leanne Jorgensen, Nicole Crabtree, Sheri Rokus

When I got home, the kids had bought me flowers, and Kyle and taken them to the movies. I ended up mostly laying down the rest of the day. This third time around I actually held up a lot better. No fever, no chills, just a headache and stiff neck- which is my best reaction yet. So maybe there is hope for me still. So that was my birthday. Even then the next morning Kyle left me a few doughnuts and a nice card to start my day off. I thought it was a really nice weekend and I really felt the love.


Cassidy said...

Happy Birthday Sam!!! You rock, and I'm glad you had a great birthday weekend!

Dawn Rae said...

Is this happening every Monday? Yuck! We need to catch up sometime!

cambersue said...

Oh I do love those ladies!