Saturday, February 16, 2013

Date night and hang outs.

Once a year in a Roseburg, the city throws a huge "Father Daughter Dance" out at the fairgrounds.  Kate's favorite part about the whole thing last year was her milkshake at Red Robin.  So this year Kyle took the girls out to eat and then to Dairy Queen for dessert for a nice date and then just brought them home.  Joslyn was excited that she made the cut this year. 

I guess this year the bowling alley had a discount for Mother's and Sons, so Owen came home so excited that we were going bowling!  I broke the news to him that we couldn't go with Lucy being so young and mommy couldn't really even pick up bowling balls!  He had big crocodile tears coming down his face.  He was pretty devastated.  I told him he could pick out any movie he wanted and treats and we'd have our own special date but he wasn't buying it, and started crying harder.  Then I offered him a night of as much Mario Cart as he wanted and he immediately smiled and was happy with the date choice. 

The rest of these pictures are just of family hanging out. 

Kate with Lucy

Kyle is such a good dad and helper.  I'm so grateful that I married someone who is comfortable with kids and helps out so much.  He's a great partner.  Look how small Lucy looks in his arms. 

Sometimes I'm holding Lucy in this chair, and Josi climbs up (and sometimes Kate AND Owen).  Today she was putting lots of stickers on all of our faces. 

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Juice said...

That last picture is adorable.