Monday, February 11, 2013

Going home

So I have a million pictures of baby Lucy in the hospital. I don't want to delete them because she changes so much every day.

The first things I noticed about her:

Her crazy long monkey toes. 

And her little Miller ears, and her dark hair. 

This was her first time in cute clothes. 

The second to the last day in the hospital, they said that she had lost 10% of her body weight, which is the most they want baby to lose, so they made me supplement her and pump.  She was also jaundice, and spent all day on this lighted bed. 

This is what she always looks like to me.

Leaving day!

The hospital gave me this pink blanket to take home. 


Kaci said...

I think they gave you the blanket to try to make up for not giving you a paci! Nice try hospital! You're still getting bad feedback for the baby friendly visit :)

cambersue said...

What a sweet little bundle. Some cute little grandma must have made that and donated it...because we all know they wouldn't have splurged to fund such an unnecessary a binki;)