Thursday, June 13, 2013


Josi turns 3 in 2 weeks and she isn't potty trained. Fine.  She's so stubborn that I figured I might as well wait until she's ready. Ready or not, I was planning on potty training her in August, AFTER my two separate 2 week road trips. That way I don't have to stop every few minutes during my long drives.

But she woke up acting like she was ready. Grrr what was I thinking?!  So I committed!  She peed on the toilet a few times.  Peed on the ground a few times.  Super frustrating. I did the old "hose her off outside" that worked so well with Owen.  And right when I was about to lose hope, I said a prayer.  And then my hope was restored when she RAN up from downstairs two times in a row to pee in the toilet. I felt like it was a real answer to my prayer. I felt like I could do it.

But then I had to put her down for a nap.  And go get my hair done.  So I put her in a pull-up. She took a good nap and saturated that sucker. When she woke up she bawled because she didn't want underwear.  She wanted another pull-up. So I had to fight her on it. And then she had two more accidents. No successful pees in the toilet before bed.  So I just put her in a real diaper and put her to bed. No more pull-ups for naps.  It's underwear or diapers.

But can I do this??!!!  I want to quit and try again in August.  But I know she can do it. And I hate to give up once I start something. Especially something like potty training. It took Kate and Owen each two days to potty train so I'm hoping for the same with joslyn. What do I do?!!

In the meanwhile, I went and got a haircut and highlights.  The last time I got highlights done was when Joslyn was born and I had to go to my 10 year reunion!  My hair was so long and dark that I felt it made me look really drab.  Anyway, I just needed new life.

The funny thing is, she totally cut my hair Samantha via 1999/2000.  Even when she was styling it, she pulled out the flat iron, found it had been unplugged, and then pulled out the curling iron and curled my ends under!  Heavens.  I think I like the highlights.  I think I look better than I did before, but dang, I wish she would've cut it like I asked her to.  I'm going to wash it and see how it dries tomorrow before I decide if I need to fix it or not.  I just don't like the bottom layer cut so bluntly.

That's it.  Here's to sticking to it tomorrow.  It's hard because I don't necessarily even want her potty trained, unless she's going to be awesome at it like my first two were.  Here's hoping.


Angelique said...

Noooooo! Potty training...bleh. You can change your mind again and wait until August. It will make drives and vacations so much better. I can't believe Owen and Kate were trained in two days! That is incredible.

Doug Earl said...

do it. you look great by the way

Cassidy said...

I say just wait until August on the potty training. It is just not worth it.
As for the hair. My stylist did the same thing, giving me the blunt on the bottom. I hate having to go back, so I'm sticking it out. I think if you styled it, you'd do it better, and you might like it after all. That being said, it's you, and you are always one good lookin' girl! :)